Comprehensive technical study of associate consultants since 1977

Our office is number one in risk analysis. Attending large proportions adjustments.

Service of excellence and professionalism

We want our customers to be served effectively in the shortest possible time. We offer highly specialized personalized attention, with quick response to the problem.

Service of excellence and professionalism


Transportation and merchandise

Various Risks

Technical, integral banking, bond, etc.


Specialists in recoveries

Maritime / Aerial

Aerial and river hull expertise


Comprehensive claims assistance


Department of Transportation and Merchandise

Through our Loss Control and Prevention program, we reverse their tendency by verifying damages, identifying those responsible, pre-establishing the evidence that proves responsibility and preserving the actions to repeat against the guilty parties and thus, recover .
For the Insurers that have decided to work with us, the benefits have been noticeable. Those who have been operating with our firm for five years or more, show direct maximum claims of the order of 5% for the entire portfolio of the branch and in some it has reached 0%.
All Risks

Property Risk Assessments

We evaluate the risks taking into account the maximum probable losses, frequencies, severities and any other data that allows to know possible damages on installations and systems of accident prevention.
We carry out periodic and / or special reports on work stages, evaluation audits and accumulation of values.
Maritime / Aerial

Aerial and river hull expertise

Technical surveys are carried out, before the naval or air hull is secured. We timely and equitably prevent possible accidents, which have had great development in recent times, particularly as far as maritime hulls are concerned.
Ética is the only company registered in Paraguay, where its experts are authorized by the National Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DINAC) to conduct investigations and surveys of airplanes.

Civil and criminal assistance in claims

Our job is to assist the insured in the Civil as well as Criminal matters, which although it is not covered by the insurance contract, is often an imperative need, since the client is orphaned of all assistance. Our desire is not only profit, but also good service.
Today several Insurers have outsourced their claims, with which we can offer the insurance market in general, for a very small sum, the attention throughout the country, especially Asunción, Ciudad del Este, Encarnación, and Concepción, where our offices are located.

Recovery Specialists

An important part of the success of our study is based on the activity carried out by the Legal Department, also called recovery.
Each incident adjusted by our firm, of any branch, whose cause originates in the action of a third party, is automatically delivered to the aforementioned department so that, on behalf of the Insurer, it pursues the responsibility of those who have caused the damages. Likewise, our study makes recoveries abroad, through fellow Studies.

Comunicate with us

We want our clients to be served effectively in the shortest possible time, directly accessing the decision levels, so as not to postpone their concern or need for the next day.

Head Etica

Eduardo V. Haedo 179

Betón Building 17th Floor, Asunción

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Etica - Alto Paraná

Carlos Antonio López and Rafael Franco

Panorama II Building,

Eastern City, Alto Paraná
16th floor - Office 1608

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Etica - México

Zaragoza 1000 Sur Desp. 414
Colonia Centro- CP 6400
Monterrey, Nuevo León – México
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