Analysis, adjustments, and claims recoveries of the different risks


Mr. Víctor A. Duarte


Lic. Gustavo Chamorro

Lic. Ma. Cristina Trinidad

Lic. Alejandro Duarte

Fátima Astigarraga


Lic. Víctor Duarte Schiefer

Christian Aponte

Víctor Giménez

Alexis Sanabria


Ing. Naval Mario Arzamendia

Abog. Julio César Giménez

Ing. Industrial Eduardo Martínez

Lic. Claudio Duarte Schiefer

Different risks Analysis, Adjustments, and Recoveries.

Our Study is the only one that carried out from the beginning, until now, the Risk Analysis, and then the adjustment of the claims to the Paraguayan hydroelectric plants, Itaipu and Yacyretá Binational Entities. Also bank claims. We have also adjusted large claims in cases of Martel, American Hardware Store, Market Supply, Market No. 4 (Asunción), Central Bank of Paraguay, Sugarmann Friedmann, Sugar Iturbe, Molinos Harineros del Paraguay, Channel 9 TV Cerro Corá, Ycuá Bolaños and many others.

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